Apollo Undercoating

Canadian winters are no joke, but your dealership’s undercoating treatment is. Our Elixir undercoating system gives your vehicle the best chance of standing up to the test of time and mother nature. Our unique preparation process and rust-proofing system provides the ultimate undercarriage protection in the industry.

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Why Choose Elixir undercoating?

A Real solution to a real problem

No gimmicks or fine print--simply the best undercoating money can buy. Our premium undercoating system is designed with the customer in mind. Addressing degradation and decay from the harsh Canadian elements.


Premium services start with premium preparation. It's all in the prep work - a combination of Dry-Ice blasting to remove rust, oil, failed coatings, debris and additional chemicals to convert or neutralize oxidation for an optimally prepped surface for our coatings to adhere to.


Backed by a comprehensive and dynamic warranty. The best warranty in the industry gives you confidence that your vehicle will stay protected. Regardless of the age of your vehicle, we have a warranty option that will ensure peace of mind.


Our undercoating system encompasses a multi-step preparation and coating process - Unlike other undercoating sprays, our proprietary multi-step process will not delaminate or trap moisture that causes corrosion. Our system is designed to not only remove potential for corrosion and decay, but prevent it for years to come.


Vehicle prices have increased dramatically in recent years and resale value has also skyrocketed. Providing unbeatable protection for a depreciating asset is more important than ever.


Custom tailored to your vehicle, we work with you to understand your specific needs and desires to give you a custom tailored solution. Whether your vehicle is old or new, we have a custom tailored approach to restore, refurbish, and protect for years to come.